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Tsunami at Haeundae (2009)

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A popular vacation spot on the East Sea coast, Haeundae draws one million
visitors to its beaches every year. One day, a geologist who is an expert on
tsunami research, discovers the East Sea showing signs of activity similar to
the Indian Ocean at the time of the 2004 Tsunami. Despite his warnings, the
Disaster Prevention Agency affirms that Korea is in no harm of being hit but on
a hot summer day, a super-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae at 500 miles per hour.


    * Sol Kyung Gu 每 Choi Man Sik
    * Ha Ji Won 每 Kang Yeon Hee
    * Park Joong Hoon 每 Kim Hwi
    * Uhm Jung Hwa 每 Lee Yu Jin
    * Lee Min Ki 每 Choi Hyung Sik
    * Kim In Kwon 每 Oh Dong Chun
    * Kang Ye Won 每 Kim Hee Mi
    * Kim You Jung

Director: Yoon Jae Kyun


saya jarang la sangat tengok cerita korea... ke tak pernah langsung....
tapidefoakan tengok cerita ni.... malam ni after class....
saya suka cerita2 tsunami ke, flood ke.... earthquake ke... sebab thrill sikit...
harap would be a good movie....

nanti dah tengok saya rate, eh...

* tak update movies dah lama sangat sebab tak log in -
tapi banyak dah movie tengok... kalau ingat nanti saya update kan kat
thread movie update tu... -

dexa Publish time 17-9-2009 09:09 AM

When tragedy strikes

Billed as South Korea*s first big-budget disaster movie, Tsunami At Haeundae depicts the destruction caused by a super-tsunami.

SURELY, none can forget the deadly 2004 Asian tsunami which took some 300,000 lives on Boxing Day. For South Korean fimmaker JK Youn, the historic disaster even inspired him to make a movie 每 Tsunami At Haeundae.

※Five years ago, on December 26, 2004, when the big tsunami hit South-East Asia, I was at Haeundae, a big vacation spot for Koreans.
Hanging on: Lovers Choi Man-sik (Sol Kyung-gu, right)
and Kang Yeon-hee (Ha Ji-won) are caught in a terrible
tsunami in the JK Younhelmed disaster blockbuster
Tsunami At Haeundae.

※My mother was residing in Haeundae at the time. As I was watching the news of the tsunami that hit South-East Asia, I wonder­ed how it would be if the same tsunami had hit Haeundae where one million people annually visit during the peak season in the summer,§ said the director in an e-mail interview.

※This scary fantasy of mine was the starting point for Tsunami At Haeundae. At the time of the big tsunami, there were many heart-breaking stories in the news of the victims, which led me to really want to make Tsunami At Haeundae, focusing on the people and the stories revolving around them,§ added Youn, 40, who took more than a year to write the script and develop a story anchoring on three couples.

The story revolves around these people going about their somewhat ordinary lives dealing with their own joys and sufferings, unaware of the calamity which is about to befall them.

So, on a hot summer day when the beach is packed with holidaymakers, a siren warns that a super-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae at 250kph and they have only 10 minutes to evacuate.

Billed as South Korea*s first big-budget disaster movie, the film will see Korea*s beloved Haeundae Beach and the surrounding district completely destroyed by a super-tsunami.

The much-anticipated RM46mil summer blockbuster has a star-studded cast comprising award-winning actors like Ha Ji-won, Sol Kyung-gu, Park Joong-hoon, Uhm Jung-hwa and rising young stars Lee Min-ki, Kang Ye-won and Kim In-kwon.

Ha, who worked with writer/director Youn previously on both Sex Is Zero (2002) and Miracle On 1st Street (2007), was the first to be cast in the disaster movie.

She plays Kang Yeon-hee, a spirited young woman who lives alone and runs an unlicensed eatery by the waterfront after losing her father to the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Her love interest is single father and sashimi restaurant owner Choi Man-sik, who is played by the tall and rugged Sol. ※He has a lot of energy. He*s genuine and fun and we had great chemistry on screen.§

Ha revealed that she accepted the role even before the script was developed. ※This sort of disaster movie was the first of its kind. It was challenging yet it pushed us to work harder and we all had a lot of fun.§

The Seoul-born actress took great pains to develop her character down to fine-tuning native speech patterns with a personal dialect coach as the director himself was from Pusan.

※In order to perfect the Pusan dialect, I took lessons for three months, recorded myself speaking the dialect, and observed women working in the Pusan sushi restaurants,§ Ha said in an e-mail interview.

While preparation was painstaking for the actress, filming was probably even tougher as she had to brave gushing metre-high waters.

※After the first tsunami hit Pusan, filming the scene in which I had to rescue Kyung-gu from a street lamp was difficult.

Ha, 30, has featured in 16 films and 10 TV series. The multiple award-winning actress began her career playing supporting roles in TV productions.

Her early recognitions include Best New Actress for Truth Game at the 2000 Grand Bell Award and Best Supporting Actress for Ditto at the 2000 Blue Dragon Awards.

More recently, her portrayal of 16th century Korean courtesan Hwang Jin-i in the Korean Broadcast­ing System*s (KBS) 2006 TV series of the same name won her best actress awards at the 2006 KBS Performance Awards, 34th Korean Broadcasting Awards and 32nd Golden Chest International TV Festival.

Since disaster movies of this scale had not been made in South Korea before, Youn sought the expertise of American CGI specialist, Polygon Entertainment (Star Wars series, The Day After Tomorrow and Perfect Storm).

Headed by Hans Uhlig, the company took on the challenge of producing the special effects of large scale floodwater scenes.

※It was really frustrating trying to film a scene in which a typhoon hits the Korean waters because something like this has never been filmed in Korea.

※When all the experts in special effects gathered to have a meeting regarding this problem, the only solution was to build an enormous water tank set that was also very costly.

※I couldn*t help but feel hopeless, eventually asking for help from the experts in America. Surprisingly, they were shocked that we would go so out of the way to build a set for such an easy task.

※Eventually, we decided to film the typhoon rescue scene in San Francisco. But to my surprise, a huge water tank set was nowhere to be seen. I was so shocked that I asked the American visual supervisor for explanation and he told me to just wait.

※Soon after, two elderly men brought in huge metal sheets nailed together and began covering the floors and walls with vinyl plastic, completing the so called water set.

※It was built in two days. I was so flabbergasted that I asked if this was okay. The visual supervisor*s response surprised me. He said &This is how it was done for Pirates Of The Caribbean.* §

Having had a taste of top-notch CGI while making Tsunami At Haeundae, Youn looks forward to continue making films that involve both high levels of storytelling as well as advanced technology.

※Since I do want a mix of drama as well as advanced technology, I*m sure my next film will heavily involve CG.§

Ha, who will next be seen in My Love By My Side, said she would love to add some melodramatic roles to her repertoire and even try working overseas if the opportunity arose.

Apart from Malaysia, other countries with distribution rights for the disaster movie include the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and Britain.

maklang_airell Publish time 17-9-2009 09:26 AM

takut nak nengok citer2 camni
yang seangkatan dengannyer cam independence day, the end of the world ,etc~


pulasan Publish time 17-9-2009 09:36 AM

teringat kiamat bakal tiba...

logy Publish time 17-9-2009 09:58 AM

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apesal malaysia tak der wat citer camnie hah..... ker takut dikondem @ dikritik kaw2nya oleh penonton malaysia, kononnya kalau wat citer lagu nie, cam mengharap malaysia nanti ditimpa kejadian camtulah... @ bahasa kasarnya, ko nak mampus... tak der kerje laing ke dah nak buat... buang duit jer wat citer lagu nie... baik wat citer muda-mudi kan best.... seram biler mengingatkan citer tue biler balik rumah nanti!

Aparaaa mentaliti sesetengah penonton di Malaysia...

dah dinamakan citer kan aper yg nak dihebohkannya... lagi pun kiter boleh ambik tindakkan yg akan di buat biler jadi lagu tue...!

Bilaaa produser Malaysia nak wat citer mencabar sikit cam bencana alam ker..
setahu aku laaa tak der citer lagi yg buat citer betul2 mengenal bencana alam nie..?

hepimoon Publish time 17-9-2009 10:13 AM

aku ske tgk cte2 gni..............:loveliness:

shanew3stgalz Publish time 17-9-2009 11:39 AM

HJW blakon... mmg harus ngok....

da kua la ekk?? hmm bile la aku de ms nih.. hmmm :re:

idolfan Publish time 17-9-2009 04:01 PM

5# logy

tader..masalahnye akan berbaloi kah buat file bajet tinggi kat malaysia?

org malaysia kan suke drama2/lawak2 bodoh...

sedangkan filem bagus mcm PGL pun tak laku...

Donatello86 Publish time 17-9-2009 04:17 PM

Dari poster & ulasan citer nie keinginan nak tgk berkobar2!..
mst besh film nie!

logy Publish time 17-9-2009 11:35 PM

8# idolfan

masalahnya bila wat filem tue hanya pasaran malaysia jer memang tak begitu menguntungkan, nak balik modal pung sakit... tapi bila kita luaskan pasaran utk luar negara... masalah nie tak kan timbul lagi pung filem kan universal...! org luar akan celik mata tgk teknologi dan gaya pengarahan yg lagu nie memang epik lah!

kalo filem camnie memang tak malu nak tunjuk kat luar negara...

nie citer cinta cintun muda mudi... hanya layak utk celah gigi jer... memang set luar negara tak layannya citer setaraf tahap sampah camnie.... nak wat htr pertandingan luar negara memang malu...!

jadi biler keluar filem tue fikirkan jugak utk pasaran luar....

tgk kat negara kiter bersepah negara luar nak tyg kat negara kiter tapi kiter sendiri tak kan tak nak cuba nasib kat negara dia pulok.... kiter sebenarnya dari segi kreativiti tak jauh beza dgn set negara luar... cuma utk menjadikan satu produk yg lengkap tue halangannya.....

pelbagaikan genre filem tanah air kiter... Malaysia!:pompom:

ahmad_dhani91 Publish time 17-9-2009 11:49 PM

cicakman? datang menyelamat:pompom:

capiloton Publish time 18-9-2009 01:32 AM

5# logy

tader..masalahnye akan berbaloi kah buat file bajet tinggi kat malaysia?

org malaysia kan suke drama2/lawak2 bodoh...

sedangkan filem bagus mcm PGL pun tak laku...
idolfan Post at 17-9-2009 16:01

PGL bagus? ohw please..
bosan gila filem yg patutnya fokus pada lagenda jadi filem cintan cintun..
pastu konsep sejarah macam takde buat research..pelabuhan melaka punya la daif..
melaka adalah antara pelabuhan tersibuk di dunia satu masa dulu..
tapi dalam filem ni, org2 melaka di gambarkan cuma duduk dalam rumah beratap nipah jer..
pastu yg pompuannya asik dok berkemban mcm takde baju yg grand2.. aiyo..

apa pun credits pade tiara yg sanggup buat epic film ni yg kosnya dah tentu besar..
btw, aku ada tengok kat cinema time movie ni keluar.. kire so-so la bagi aku..
filem thai yg cerita sejarah melayu - queen of langkasuka, lagi mantop bagi aku..
of coz la, bajet filem thai ni pun lagi tinggi dari PGL.. hehe..

speedo Publish time 18-9-2009 01:35 AM

dexa Publish time 18-9-2009 07:41 AM

dah tengok cerita ni last nite -
nak cakap camana eh.... well.... okay la... best juga
mega tsunami..... besar gila dari yang kat acheh tu -

interesting plot... banyak sub plot juga yang boleh
diambil iktibar -
macam sacrifice - ibu terhadap anak, bf kepada gf
kasih sayang..... setiap yang nampak
macam 'jahat' ada baiknya.... - people can change... etc -

yang kinda tak begitu berkesan ialah post-tsunami tu -
dia tak show the effect of this disastrous phenomena -
so.... macam tergantung begitu saja -

but all in all... interesting film -- habesarnya la pula tsunami ni
dan boleh belajar macamana boleh berlaku.... etc etc... -

saya recommend pada yang suka cerita2 begini... dan nak find out
a bit about tsunami...   boleh la pergi tengok -

rate - 2.5/5

MulutBecok Publish time 28-9-2009 02:17 PM

suprisingly, this movie is quite nice
tsunami dalam cerita ni, sikit je main peranan
banyak pd plot2 watak2 dia...more to drama
lawak pun ada...
aku terfikir gak..kalau nak buat cerita tsunami
apa je jalan cerita yg boleh buat
pasni, bole buat post-tsunami punya story,,,mesti lagi sedih

chiang35 Publish time 28-9-2009 06:19 PM

cgi nyer best tak? citer cam nih...kalo ending dia sedih i tak suka :(

sakura2503 Publish time 28-9-2009 06:26 PM

dah tgok cite ni last friday...
best la gak....
dalam x sedar, air mata mengalir:'( masa scene yg hero baywatch tu korbankan diri dia masuk dlm laut....
tapi kaver2 coz kalo hubby tau mau dia gelakkan aku

reddots Publish time 28-9-2009 09:28 PM

baru tengok td..
memula tu, ngan kwn jer, conquer cinema.. gelak2 part nak cabut gigi, ngan part hero baywatch nak slmatkan pompuan tu.. masa dia baling pelampung tu.. hahaha.

komen aku, very typical citer gak la. walaupun bleh buat gelak2 n nangis2,(kwn aku nangis part hero masuklaut tu ;P )

alasan aku, sbb begitu besar punya tsunami, ramai lak yg selamat,
contoh, mereka yg tersidai kat jambatan,digulung tsunami masa kat jambatan tu.. dah tu, lepas tsunami reda, cantik terbentang lagi jambatan tu kan..
kemdian, laki yg ala2 jadik si Scrat(squirel Ice Age) tu..byk dugaan dan halangan (walau bleh wat lawak,) tp mcm tak logik la, dh digulung tsunami , dia tetap idup..

tp aku bagi 3/5.. sbb ilang stess aku nengok lawak depa..

JohnDeSouza Publish time 28-9-2009 10:58 PM

ok gak cita nih... 3/5 .part lawak tu ok.

JiMmY_tAiChOu Publish time 29-9-2009 12:00 AM

da tgk smlm citer ni..
mmg best bg still x leh lwn hollywood punyer..
jln citer mantap,byk elemen diselitkan..
tp citer ni masa die nk wt elemen suspen mcm x brp jadi..
mebi sbb penggunaan music background n reaksi dr pelakon sendiri..
so far ok citer ni,berbaloi rm13 :sweat3:
cuma mmg byk part yg x logik..
masa mula2 lagi,part tsunami kecik tu..
mana ade tsunami kt tgh laut..kt tgh laut walopon ade tsunami kt bwh
tp xkan berlaku ombak besar sbb tsunami hanya berlaku kt pantai/daratan..
pas2 masa mega tsunami dtg,cgi mmg mantap gak..
tp mmg x logik ombak besar beratus2 meter tinggi melanda darat,
tp still ok lg daratan..kalo nk kire tsunami 2004 yg tinggi 4 meter tu pon dh merosakkan
struktur geografi acheh dr segi pemetaan dan sebagainya..
sepatotnya tsunami beratus2 meter (smpai bangunan 20 tkt lbh) akan menghancurkan terus daratan heundae tu..lenyap terus dari muka bumi sbb tu..
dan lagi pas tsunami 2nd wave tu,org2 kt jmbtn still survive..
hebat tol hehe..
tp tu tdk mencacatkan jln citer tsunami ni..
bagi aku rating bg filem ni 3.95/5.0..
recommended :C

bulus Publish time 29-9-2009 12:01 AM

link tuk dolod da kuar, tapi english subtitle takde lagi
dah dolod, tggu subtitle lak.. ntah bile.
layan gak, haram jadah aku tak paham ape pun

scene kt jambatan tu memg hampes la
sepatutnya da lesap sume orang yg ade kat situ

JiMmY_tAiChOu Publish time 29-9-2009 12:05 AM

21# bulus
ko bleh donlod subtitle bahse ape pon
pas2 gi trnslate kt ke english..
pas2 paste kt notepad and save as file srt..
aku slalu wat camtu haha..

bulus Publish time 29-9-2009 12:13 AM

google nye translate jadi berterabur
so aku sanggup tggu mana² fansub group ke, individual yg nak sub kan movie tu
probably bile official dvd da kuar baru ade kot...

karambunai Publish time 29-9-2009 03:51 AM

nanti nk tgk gak. thanx dexa

reddots Publish time 29-9-2009 09:38 AM

google nye translate jadi berterabur
so aku sanggup tggu mana² fansub group ke, individual yg nak sub kan movie tu
probably bile official dvd da kuar baru ade kot...

=#999999]bulus Post at 29-9-2009 00:13

hmm kat tempat aku dah kuar pun dvd clear copy..
tp aku tetap layan kat cinema..
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