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Incredible New Floats at Zundert Flower Parade 2013

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On the first Sunday of September, the small town of Zundert in the south of Netherlands came alive as it hosted the largest flower parade in the world. Corso Zundert has become known worldwide as a grandiose event that takes over the streets with gigantic floats all made with flowers. Thousands of spectators, both young and old, came out to witness the twenty amazing dahlia creations.

This year, we saw everything from MC Escher and Monet inspired floats to one featuring, wait a minute, flashers! The first place winner was called Crazy Gold (or Gekkengoud) and it was by Laer-Akkermolen. Float designers Steven van Erck and Stefan van Steen created this gargantuan wonder about the Aztec ruler that had himself gilded. The Spanish believed that whoever looked at him would slowly become mad. Oro Loco they called it or "maddening gold".

Crazy Gold by Laer-Akkermolen (1st Place Winner)
Designers: Steven van Erck and Stefan van Steen
An Aztec ruler was once so crazy about gold, that he had himself gilded alive. When the Spanish discovered his likeness, they were convinced that everyone who looked at it would gradually go mad. They named it Oro Loco.
Crazy gold

Copycat by Stuivezand
Designers: Kjeld van Kuijck and Kevin Frijters

It Wasnt Me by De Berk
Designers: Erik van Elsacker, Aart-Jan Borrias and Ren Jochems
When we got home he failed to greet us. He lay there quietly on our highly expensive antique settee as if to say: It wasnt me.

Flashers! by Wernhout
Designers: Erwin Leenaerts, Mathieu Rombouts and Ronald Martens
May be this is familiar to you. Youre walking along the street and someones coming towards you. He is looking rather scruffy and hes holding his coat in a rather strange way. He gives you a side-long glance and it would seem that he is waiting for the opportunity

Surely hes not going to ...

Illusion? by Achtmaal
Designers: Erik van Aert, Marius Arnouts and Patrick Gommers

The Paint Factory by Helpt Elkander
Designers: Kim Smits, Erik Dockx and Tim Bastiaansen

Ent by Klein-Zundertse Heikant (2nd Place Winner)
Designers: Robin Jochems, John Marijnissen and Karel de Hoon
When the heart starts beating, its the moment that the person in the tree awakens!

Bubblegum! by Laarheide
Designers: Gerard van Erk, Jack Nouws and Brian Boot

Last Minute by De Lent
Designers: Harry van den Broek and Eddy van den Broek
In todays last-minute society we are constantly in a hurry. In his hectic existence, man is clock and alarm clock simultaneously; he winds himself up and propels himself along. Our lives have become last-minute. There is never enough time for everything; there is never a second to spare. We are constantly living in a race against time. But it is not time itself which has created our last-minute society. Through the centuries time has not actually decreased or increased in volume. More and more, it is people who live at odds with time.
Stress is now and tomorrow, the dreadful last minute is suddenly upon us. Adrenaline rushes through the body, pumping people full of stress hormones. Everything is arranged and organised at the last minute: travelling, getting up, eating, working, doing the shopping and ordering online. Long live our last-minute society!

Venus of Milos by Molenstraat
Designers: Robin Schijfs, Jesse Verheijen and Ton van Beek
The sculpture is already in the stone, you only have to release it.
(Michelangelo Buonarroti)

Gordel by Raamberg
Designers: Roy Verdaesdonck and Niek van den Broek
It is impossible to imagine Amsterdam without its distinct central canal district, in Dutch named the grachtenGORDEL, the rings of canals. On this float, their magnificent town houses are carried by an armadillo which in part shares the same name in Dutch (GORDELdier, ringed animal) as the district; they parade their way through the streets of Zundert. Experience both the day and night life of our capital city.

Global Warming by t Stuk
Designers: Marjolein Koeken, Johan Raats, Jack Schetters and Joël Sprenkels
5,000 years ago he desperately tries to escape, but he has grown too weak. He will be imprisoned in this advancing glacier for millennia.

Tricked by Veldstraat
Designers: Jos van Aert and Erwin Braspenning
This is left and that is right.
This is under and that is above.
I believe my eyes.
My entire life long.
Thats the way it goes, isnt it?
Anyway ...
Thats what I want to believe.

Now I am taken off balance.
What is left and right here?
Is this under or rather above?
I dont believe my eyes.
Its all over my head.
Now I dont know any more.
Ive been tricked.

Black Gold by Schijf (3rd Place Winner)
Designers: Huub van Caam and Maikel van de Korput
Black Gold refers to a delicacy, the black truffle.
For hunting for this gold
pigs are traditionally used,
due to their excellent tracking abilities.
Search with us and be surprised by the life under the ground!

Masyaallah... creative betul die org nie.. mmg terbaik la...
tapi cam membazir bunga pun ada gak... hurmmm...
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Post time 4-9-2013 09:43 AM | Show all posts
cantik dan kreatif!

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Post time 4-9-2013 09:56 AM | Show all posts
syg bunga2 tu...habis madu....

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Post time 4-9-2013 10:30 AM | Show all posts
cantik gila
tp aku xsuka sbb kesian bunga
nanti buang je

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Post time 4-9-2013 10:32 AM | Show all posts
pesta flora malaysia ptt kreatif mcm ni...bkn takat keta je...kikikiki

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Post time 4-9-2013 10:34 AM | Show all posts
perlu ke buat bentuk nipple tu?
art la sgt kan

but yg lain2 tu sgt amazing la
plg suka rumah left & right warna purple tu

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Post time 4-9-2013 10:43 AM | Show all posts

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Post time 4-9-2013 10:52 AM | Show all posts
Wahhh...pesta bunga dia dasyat tol...sgt creative laaa....

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Post time 4-9-2013 12:57 PM | Show all posts
Amat cantik dan kreatif sekali

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 Author| Post time 4-9-2013 04:21 PM | Show all posts

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Post time 4-9-2013 07:22 PM | Show all posts
wow!....kreatifnya , cantik pulak tu,.

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Post time 4-9-2013 07:27 PM | Show all posts
bukan senang nak design bunga bentuk mcm tuh

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Post time 4-9-2013 08:04 PM | Show all posts
berapa ratus ribu bunga terpaksa dihabiskan ye?

yg ni paling cantik rasanya.

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Post time 4-9-2013 08:37 PM | Show all posts
bunga ni diawet guna apa la ye nk kasi tahan at least 3-4hari termasuk preparation days

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Post time 4-9-2013 09:01 PM | Show all posts
lepas habis parade......patung tuh buat apo ek?

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